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Click on the buttons above to download the app for your device - iOS or Android. Download is quick and installation is fast.


Start Flappy Bird, but be sure that Flappy Bird hack is installed prior to that.


When you are in the menu, click first on the lives button - if it's colored orange, that is an indicator that is working. Congrats, now you have unlimited number of lives!

  • 1. Download & Install

    Click on the button above to download it directly to your device and install it.

  • 2. Check The App

    Flappy Bird hack will be installed on your home screen like shown on the picture to the left.

  • 3. New Lives Button

    When you are in the menu of the game there will be Lives button - just tap it to activate the unlimited lives function!

  • 4. Unlimited Lives!

    Whenever you die in the game, just tap on the Continue button and you can just continue playing! This will trigger a new game to start but you will still have the score you had before dying!

  • 5. Amazing Score!

    Now you can brag about your score in Flappy Bird and no one will be able to beat it!

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